Maybe Auctions Will Work This Time

Usually, when I auction books on eBay, they sell for a pittance, but hope springs eternal, and I try again from time to time. So, please, take advantage of my unwillingness to learn and bid on my book auctions! You’ll get a real deal this way, most likely.

All my most popular books are here, including “Fresh-Air Poultry Houses” and “Success With Baby Chicks.” As I write this, the prices are a penny apiece.


Independent Kids

When I was eight years old, I went out trick-or-treating by myself, returning hours later (long after dark) with an immense bag of swag. In those days, this sort of thing wasn’t remarkable. The urban myth about razor blades in the treats hadn’t made the rounds yet. The world was a reasonably safe place for kids, and everyone knew it. Kids went outside to play and were supposed to be home by dark, or dinnertime, or bedtime, or something. It worked great.

Nowadays everyone is terrified by the idea of independent kids, although it’s as safe as it ever was, so they keep the kids in sight at all times — until they are suddenly left on their own in their mid-to-late teens. What’s the point of cloistering our kids in this way, other than leaving them more dependent and less competent, while driving their parents crazy? read more...

My SF Novel Will Be Available in a Few Days

I approved the proof of my SF novel, “One Survivor,” today, which means that it’s technically in print already. However, it takes a couple of days for the news to spread. Amazon and Ingram (the world’s biggest book wholesaler) ought to figure it out at more or less the same time.

It’s a 258-page trade paperback and retails for $16.95.

I’ve posted a new One Survivor page on the Norton Creek Press Web site, which has background information about the book.

I’ve also published a lengthy excerpt, which consists of the first third of the book. If that doesn’t hook you, nothing will. read more...

You Can’t Get Good Help These Days

I got a call from my printer (Lightning Source) that the ISBN number on my novel, “One Survivor” is wrong, and the spine text is misaligned. I’m all ready to fire my cover artist, except for one thing — he’s me!

It’s hard to get good help these days, and that’s doubly true of you insist on doing everything yourself!

This sort of thing happens to me all the time. If I had much fear of failure, I’d never do anything cool.

My SF Novel, “One Survivor,” Almost Ready

The aftermath of my cold has slowed me down, but I’ve made my final pass through my science fiction novel, One Survivor. Karen will go over it one more time, and then I can upload it to Lightning Source. It should be available in a week or so.

And it’s about time, too, considering I started this project in 1987!

After that, we’ll finish up the third book in the Tom Slade series. And there are plenty more books where these came from — chicken books, farm books, novels, you name it — all stacked up waiting for us to find some time. read more...