See You at the Corvallis Indoor Market

The Corvallis Indoor Winter Market started a new season yesterday, with plenty of happy customers and vendors. We were there with grass-fed chicken and eggs, and a lot of other local farms were there, too, selling meat, cool-season vegetables, nuts, honey, baked goods, craft items — you name it. This is good stuff: you should see how much stuff the vendors buy from each other, and we’re in the know!

If you’re in the Corvallis area, why not treat yourself to a Saturday breakfast or lunch out and combine it with a trip to the Indoor Market? Come on — you deserve it! read more...

Winterize those Pipes!

We’ve got a little early snow here in Blodgett, Oregon. It started coming down a few hours after I finished winterizing the two water wells and the pump house. Whew!

Our climate is just cold enough that it’s best to use pipe heating cable in addition to pipe insulation, so that’s what I did.

Sadly, this particular industry is very inarticulate. The Frost King heat cable I used never mentioned the wattage of the cable, and while it seems to be a fully waterproof, outdoor-rated product, the packaging never says this anywhere. But they go to great lengths to assure me that the cable must be used with fiberglass pipe insulation. I hate fiberglass — it’s nasty stuff — and refuse to use it, so I always use foam or bubble insulation. I’ve done this for years and it has always worked perfectly, and I wish that the manufacturers would get their acts together and write directions that actually acknowledge successful ways to use the product. I’ve also used heater cable without pipe insulation, which they say doesn’t work, but it works fine in draft-free areas, down to 15 F, anyway, which is as cold as it ever gets around here. read more...