Step 3. Selecting a Fee-Based Hosting Service

Fee-based hosting services are the next step. I don't think any free hosting services are going to let you use your own domain name, and, anyway, fee-based hosting services are cheap.

How to choose? I use my ISP's hosting services since they gave me a good deal when I threatened to jump ship. Actually, it doesn't matter where your hosting service is located, since it's unlikely that you'll ever want to visit the servers, or that they'd let you.

The ads on this page may be as good a guide as any. (I was also going to give a link to a "top 10" site that I liked, but now I can't find it. Oh, well.)

Web hosting is cheap. We're taking under ten bucks a month, with many good providers offering all the services you'd ever want for a moderate-volume site for $7.95 or so. The amount of bandwidth you can chew through in a month keeps going up, as does the amount of disk space you're allowed to use.

The folks who run the site can walk you through getting your content from your PC onto their site. Generally, you uses the upload feature of your web-page creation software to move it, but you'll need a login name and password, too. That sort of thing. It's surprisingly easy.

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