Step 5. Creating Your Web Page

Creating Web pages is getting almost too easy. The world is full of Web-page creation software, Web site design packages, HTML editors, and every kind of Web software you can imagine.

I use the Sothink HTML Editor, which is free and is pretty good. I sometimes create Web pages just by using the "Save as Web Page" feature in Microsoft Word. It works like a charm. Photos, diagrams, tables and everything come through just fine.

There are many, many other solutions out there. You don't have to learn how to edit raw HTML code if you don't want to, though it's pretty easy. The Sothink HTML Editor has a nice tutorial and HTML reference, and there's tons of stuff on the Web.

The easiest way to put graphical content in your Web page is with photos. If you don't have a digital camera, you can use a scanner to turn your existing photos into images (always use the JPEG format (or JPG -- same thing) with photos). When you have rolls of film processed, ask for a photo CD in addition to prints. That'll save you the trouble of scanning things in.

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