The Coronavirus Epidemic in Three Jokes

Joke 1

A man fell off the Empire State Building. As he passed the thirtieth floor, he shouted, “So far, so good!”

Joke 2

The kids were pretending they were a band. They marched around the kitchen beating pots and pans with ladles and wooden spoons.

After a while, one kid said, “I wish Mom would stop us. This noise is killing me!”

Joke 3

Two world-class scientific experts were hiking in the Swiss Alps. One said, “We’re lost.”

“Of course we aren’t lost! We’re world-class scientific experts!”

“No, seriously: we’re lost.”

“Nonsense! Here, I’ll prove it to you.” So he set to work. He made calculations. He drew graphs. He made careful observations with his compass, barometer, and thermometer.

After a while, he said, “Aha! I know it. We aren’t lost.” He pointed to a distant, snow-capped peak. “We’re on that mountain over there!”

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