What’s the Coronavirus Endgame?

Well, since nobody else is talking about how this COVID-19 epidemic is going to pan out, I’ll take a stab at it. I present this without proof, as a prediction. It’s obvious, anyway:

  1. We’re in a holding pattern as we wait for adequate supplies to arrive: test kits, ventilators, antivirals, masks, antibody-rich blood plasma, infrared thermometers, etc.
  2. “Masks4All” will become a Thing. It’s already a grass-roots movement. Soon the technicians will reprogram the animatronic talking heads in charge of the CDC and the FDA, and they’ll jerk and spasm into line and tell us to use the best masks we can. Improvised masks, until medical-grade masks start being delivered to Home Depot and Amazon again. It’s not like these people are real or anything, so they can change their tune with no memory of their past statements.
  3. When? Within days.
  4. Shortly after that, we’ll be required to  wear masks (or bandannas, or scarves, or whatever we can).
  5. Soon people in high-risk groups will be offered all the N95 masks they want. First health-care workers, then the elderly and people with medical conditions, then grocery-store employees, then everyone.
  6. We’ll finally start testing not only people with symptoms, but everyone people with symptoms have come into contact with. Everyone testing positive is isolated and treated. Their contacts are isolated, too.
  7. Infrared temperature guns will be deployed at places of high danger for infection. No getting in unless your temperature is normal. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, buses, train stations, grocery stores, schools, churches, etc. This was one of the key ways that China and South Korea got the epidemic under control. It’s a zillion times faster the virus test, and …  maybe half as effective? It’s one of the keys to opening up crowded places like schools again. (This is already being done in some health-care settings in the US.)
  8. Antivirals will become universal in treatment. All confirmed cases, presumed cases, and suspected cases will be given the best antivirals in the store. Soon the shootout between Old Faithful generics like hydroxychloroquine and New Kids like remdesivir will make the prescription flowchart more interesting, but it’ll start with “prescribe what you’ve got.”
  9. Antivirals will become universal preventatives among people in risk groups: health-care workers, the elderly, grocery checkout staff, etc.
  10. Blood plasma (from people who have recovered) is chock-full of antibodies and will cure most of the severe cases.
  11. The other test, the one that tests for antibodies instead of for the virus, will be deployed on a massive scale to separate the sheep from the lambs. If you have your full complement of antibodies, you’re immune, so you get to work in any job you like.
  12. Everyone will be allowed to be out and about if they’re taking preventative antivirals and using a good mask, both of which will soon be superabundant.
  13. At this point, most things can go back to normal-ish while we wait for the vaccine.
  14. How long? Depends on how good we are at intimidating bureaucrats. The production capacity getting is there if we don’t let the people in Washington tie themselves to the railroad tracks. Or if we have the sense to keep going if they do.

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Author: Robert Plamondon

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3 thoughts on “What’s the Coronavirus Endgame?”

  1. Cousin I’m glad you made this public . I run around everywhere these businesses with ignorant people employed jumping back exactly 6 feet and tell them how ridiculous this whole thing is and what happened them make faces like I’m crazy af !!anyway yes the people need to know how completely stances this is!!amen bless all of you and yours
    Niece Cyndi’

  2. Coronavirus is literally the flu. This hysteria is a media hoax. For the love of god look at the numbers. Multiply the infected cases by at least 10 (because they’ve only tested a fraction of infections as they admit) and the death rate matches the flu. And total societal deaths are the same as usual, they are counting a patient that dies of cancer with a coronavirus in their system. This is f****** lunacy how we are voluntarily scrapping the entire economy for literally the flu.

    1. Please don’t swear on my blog.

      It’s not literally the flu. Different virus altogether. Anyway, if it turns out you’re right about the rest of it, please drop by in a month and say, “I told you so.”

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