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Electric Fences for Free-Range Chickens and Pastured Poultry

I have found that the best way of containing free-range chickens and pastured broilers is with electric fences. Electric fencing keeps the chickens in and the predators out.

Predator control is especially important to me, because I have been almost put out of business by predation several times. If it weren't for the techniques described here, I wouldn't have any chickens today.

Electric fences are also much less expensive and easier to set up than alternative methods of confining them.

This section give an introduction to the topic. With any luck, the ads on the right-hand side of the page will also be useful to you!

  1. Simple one-wire and two-wire electric fences.
  2. Electric Poultry Netting.
  3. Adding hot wires to your existing fences.
  4. Choosing an electric fence energizer.

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