“Skirts on Camels” — Victorian Lady Adventurers

This article about Victorian lady adventurers — or “skirts on camels” is worth reading. It highlights the adventures of Amelia B. Edwards and several other maverick Victorian ladies with a thirst for adventure.

I’ve republished Edwards’ A Thousand Miles up the Nile, her fascinating travel book about Egypt and Egyptology from the 1870s. Edwards was a famous author in her time, and went on to found the Egypt Exploration fund, which exists to this day.

While you’ll enjoy reading her book for its own sake, it’s made doubly delightful by its tie-in with Elizabeth Peters’ Egyptology-themed Amelia Peabody mystery series, whose main character is clearly based on Amelia Edwards! This means that A Thousand Miles up the Nile acts as a must-read sourcebook for fans of this best-selling series. read more...

The Secret of Success

When the economy started nose-diving, I told myself, “During bad times, you want more irons in the fire. This is a great time to expand my publishing business.” So I went from four titles to thirteen in about eight months.

I had it all planned out. During bad times, people start yearning for simplicity and more control over their lives, and there’s always a back-to-the-land movement. So I published three classic back-to-the-land books: Gold in the Grass, Ten Acres Enough, and We Wanted a Farm. These, I figured, would do very well. I also republished a motley collection of books just because I loved them, though in many cases I felt that maybe no one else would. read more...

My First Book is Alive and Well

Last year, in a fit of self-indulgence, I reprinted my first book, Through Dungeons Deep: A Fantasy Gamers’ Handbook, which I wrote in college and was published by Reston Publishing in 1982.

Rather to my surprise, it has been selling briskly, and in spite of being a straight reprint, without a single word having been changed in 28 years, I’m getting testimonials like this one:


Just a note to wish you and yours a happy holiday, and to tell you how much I enjoy “Through Dungeons Deep” (the reprinted edition). Although I’m a DM with many years of experience, I still find new and insightful ideas in every chapter. The bits about your personal gaming group and characters are especially fun to read as well. I look forward to recommending it to my friends, who will undoubtedly enjoy it every bit as much as I have. read more...

Want a Great Book for a Penny?

Here comes a new auction! Every week, I auction off a copy of every book in my Norton Creek Press catalog. Two people got books for a penny in the last auctions, which closed yesterday.

Why do I do it? This is promotion, pure and simple. Bargains get people to try things they otherwise wouldn’t, and I have faith in my books. Try one, and you’ll want more.

And when a few more people start noticing the auctions, and as word gets out that these are all great books, the days when you can get one for a penny will be over. That’s good for me but bad for you. So get some insane bargains before they’re all gone! read more...

More Crazy Book Auctions

Let’s go nuts and do it all again! Last week I auctioned off a full set of Norton Creek Press titles (thirteen in all), which sold for low prices, with savings ranging from 10% to 99.93% of full price — one book sold for a penny!

So a bunch of people got great bargains, especially considering how good these books are (I won’t publish a book I don’t love). And I’m doing it again this week. Why? I think that a consistent presence in eBay auctions will eventually attract enough bidders that prices will become reasonable. So far, though, it’s a bargain-hunter’s paradise. read more...