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My Novels and Fiction Writing Tips:

I’m working feverishly on two young-adult novels at once, banter-heavy urban fantasy novels: Jen Meets Her Match and My Brief Life and Tragic Death. Plus blog posts about fiction writing that are much like what I write here, but about fiction rather than chickens.

My Little Publishing Empire:

Fresh-Air Poultry Houses - chicken coop designNorton Creek Press started as an outgrowth of both my experiences with chickens and my literature research into scientific poultrykeeping. One thing that surprised me was that, in recent decades, poultry science has pretty much left practical farmers behind and is focused on PhD-to-PhD communication. This, combined with the shift to factory farming, means that the books on poultry farming published fifty years ago are more useful than the ones published today. Sadly, these books and their essential information are out of print and forgotten. So I Norton Creek Press to bring them back.

Over the years, I’ve added additional, non-poultry lines as well.

Norton Creek Press Book Lines:

My Hypnotherapy Practice:

Robert Plamondon HypnosisAfter I used a self-hypnosis recording to overcome my insomnia, I became interested in hypnosis, and eventually took a hypnotherapy certification program, hanging out my shingle in Corvallis in 2012. I help people who want to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and so on.

Best Practices for Exempt Therapists:

Here in Oregon, exempt practitioners who don’t need a license are alternately persecuted and ignored, but no one considers it worth their time to provide them with useful or even reliable information. So I started a Web site for that.

Technology and Writing:

through_dungeons_deep_robert_plamondonI wrote my first book, Through Dungeons Deep: A Fantasy Gamers’ Handbook while I was studying computer engineering at Oregon State University, along with many magazine articles for personal computing and RPG magazines. I also co-wrote (along with my brother Jim) a text adventure game for the Apple II: The Temple of Ngurct.

Upon graduating, I worked at Activision, reverse-engineering and documenting video game design secrets.

Robert Plamondon worked at Activision in 1983-1984

weitek_applicon_boardI also worked at WEITEK, one of the first fabless semiconductor companies, and the oft-renamed WANScaler (Repeater, CloudBridge, SD-WAN) division of Citrix Systems, where I was awarded over 30 US Patents. During my stint as a self-employed technical writer, I started I still post new material there sometimes.

Our Farm Products:

pastured_pigs_feeding_timeLast but not least, I have a Web site for our farm products: grass-fed eggs, chicken, turkey, and pork. We’re active in the three farmer’s markets in Corvallis and sell many of our free-range eggs to local supermarkets and restaurants. My wife Karen is the full-time farmer of the family.

I Publish Books! Norton Creek Press

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