Neither a Sucker Nor a Charlatan Be

To misquote Polonius, “Neither a sucker nor a charlatan be.” People spend a lot of their lives deluding themselves, often spending vast amounts of money in the process. Don’t do that.

There’s good money catering to suckers. Being a charlatan pays. You help them along with their happy delusion, and they’ll love you for it. Don’t do that, either. It’s dumb to sucker yourself, but it’s loathsome to sucker other people.

When I started out at the farmer’s market, I didn’t fully understand this. Customers wanted to project their suckerdom onto me. Okay, fine, it’s a free country, but the bad thing is that I really felt the pull of their expectations. I wanted to nod my head when they talked about organic certification when, in fact, I think that the organic movement is a hollow shell (besides, I don’t join things that want me to fill out more than two sheets of paper per lifetime.) I wanted to agree with them when they said that raising eggs the way I do is VERY IMPORTANT. Come on, let’s get real. Much as I like the whole process, free-range eggs do not peg the Important-O-Meter. read more...