Last Chance for Pastured Pork!

You, too, can have mouth-watering pastured pork if you get your order in by August 14.

Our six little piggies have become six big piggies and they’re going to make the big transition from “pigs” to “pork” next week. I don’t know if you’ve ever had pastured pork or not. It’s wonderful — our favorite meat. Lean bacon, mouth-watering pork chops … I’m not kidding, it’s impossible to overstate the quality of range-reared pork.

Our pigs are fed high-grade feed as well as pasture, featuring a daily feeding of cracked or otherwise unsaleable free-range eggs. They are happy outdoor pigs — a little too happy, since they keep escaping and making cheerful ambles around the neighborhood. They’re at the right weight now and have been in sparkling good health since day one. read more...