The Aquamagic Egg Washer

Reviewed by Robert Plamondon,

This advertisement ran in the January, 1960 issue of Pacific Poultryman. I have been using my own Aquamagic egg cleaner since 1997. It's a model very similar to the one shown above, though with a fancier candler. I've used two different kinds of immersion washers, and they don't get the eggs very clean, and of course the eggs are still wet after washing. By combining candling, washing, drying, and grading into a single machine, the Aquamagic makes egg processing fast and convenient.

There are different models of different speeds and sizes, and with different options. Some don't have the grader, for instance. Mine, like the one shown above, is something like sixteen feet long. There are also smaller models that run more slowly but have all the features. With two people, we run ours at about one-third of its rated speed, but the candler section is broken and we're candling by hand. Apparently two people with a fully loaded machine can run it at about 75% of its rated speed (or 225-325 dozen per hour) without too much trouble.

These machines are still being made, so you can buy one new. (They've changed the name from "Aquamagic" to "Sani-Touch," but they are fundamentally the same machines. They've been made for decades and are very rugged, so you can buy one used. Parts are still available for almost everything, and the folks at National Poultry Equipment provide seemingly unlimited phone support.

Contact Information:

National Poultry Equipment Company/Barlar Industries
3290 Lancer Ave.
Osage, Iowa 50461

Phone:     641-732-1460
Fax:         641-732-1470
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