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Success With
Baby Chicks

Robert Plamondon
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Gardening Without Work
Ruth Stout
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Poultry Production
Leslie E. Card
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Genetics of the Fowl
F. B. Hutt
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Feeding Poultry
G.F. Heuser
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My name is Robert Plamondon, and I keep a flock of 600 free-range hens and my wife raises over 1,000 pastured broilers and 60 turkeys per year on our 37-acre farm in Blodgett, Oregon. I have written a book on brooding poultry (Success With Baby Chicks) and started my own little company, Norton Creek Press, to publish it and several other poultry books.

I've also started a newsletter that I send out by email 1-3 times per month. The first issue of every month contains a to-do list of poultry tasks for the coming month. Every issue contains news from the farm, suggestions about how to avoid problems, and other helpful information. I also include a lot of techniques from farm magazines and poultry books from 1900-1960, when the accumulated wisdom of millions of small farmers regularly made its way into print.

I keep the newsletters short, useful, and funny. Check out the newsletters in the archive to see what I mean, and sign up for the newsletter below. It's free, so share with your friends!

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Gardening Without Work
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Success With Baby Chicks
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Fresh-Air Poultry Houses
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