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Raise Happy Outdoor Chickens

I'm a writer/farmer/engineer who raises free-range chickens and pastured broilers on a 37-acre farm in Oregon's Coast Range. I'm reinventing the lost free-range chicken farming techniques of 100 years ago, which are more suitable for small flocks of laying hens or broilers than modern commercial methods are, and they're more practical than what a lot of folks with small flocks are doing today. There are so many fewer farmers than there used to be that a lot of our knowledge has been forgotten, because we've lost continuity with our farming past. Rediscover it with me as I try the old techniques out and give them a modern twist. Whether you're raising chickens for meat, eggs, or both, you'll find a lot of "chicken how-to" information in my newsletter.

I raise the real McCoy: grass-fed, free-range chickens, and whether your chickens are free-range, yarded, or confined, that's okay—if you want happy chickens, you want this newsletter!

I surveyed the poultry literature of the last 100 years in search of forgotten lore, and I found plenty. No one else has done this. All this stuff goes into the newsletter.

I have a hands-on, practical approach to farming. You won't find geraniums in window boxes on my chicken houses. I've pioneered the development or reintroduction of insulated heat-lamp brooders (which use only 1/3 as much energy as overhead heat lamps), open-front winter housing, cattle-panel hoop coops, single-wire electric fences, and other innovations that will save you time and money, while keeping your chickens happier and healthier.

Most of the information is equally useful to backyarders, hobbyists, homesteaders, back-to-the-landers, and small farmers.

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Simple chicken house

chicken range feeder

free-range chickens being fed on pasture

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