I Love Farmers’ Markets

When I was a kid, my parents owned a campground nestled into a redwood forest. This gave me a pleasant outdoor summer job every year, which was great. But the best thing was the customers. By the time they got here, most campers were at least two days into their trip and had left most of their stress behind. A beautiful, quiet setting and the knowledge that they were hundreds of miles away from their troubles put them into a great mood. It was a pleasure dealing with them.

The local farmers’ markets are just the same. They’re full of happy strolling shoppers who are enjoying a little time off from the stress of their day, ready to please and be pleased. It’s life-affirming for all involved.

You can heighten the experience even more by giving yourself extra opportunities to slow down and enjoy your outing. Put a cooler and some blue ice in the back of your car so you don’t have to race home with your produce. Have a leisurely lunch instead! And while you’re out and about, go to a couple of places you don’t need to go to.

It’s June, and we’re into the strawberry season. Don’t let it pass you by! The better farmers’ markets have strawberries to die for, not the fakey stuff in the supermarket.

Happy shopping!

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Author: Robert Plamondon

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