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My newsletter is on hiatus (again), but the back issues below likely contain the answers you’re looking for!

I’ve beth_feeding_small_barred_rock_pulletsbeen maintaining my chicken and poultry newsletter since 2003, off and on, and at its peak had over 9,000 subscribers.
black baby chicks with waterersMy personal focus is on free-range flocks with plenty of space, as shown above, but thousands of my subscribers have tiny backyard flocks raised with limited outdoor access or none at all. The fundamentals are the same. In particular, my goal is always to help you enjoy raising happy chickens, using whatever methods and resources work best for you.

hoophouseI’ve combed more than a century’s worth of poultry books, magazines, and research papers to find out what really works, trying many of these techniques myself.

A lot of the best practices have fallen by the wayside in recent decades, and had to be rediscovered and modernized. Among the things my wife Karen and I have reintroduced or invented ourselves are the insulated heat-lamp brooder and the portable hoophouse coop made from lightweight cattle panels. Thousands of people are using these today ideas (and many more) who wouldn’t otherwise have heard of them!

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I’ve done approximately a zillion newsletters, in spite of gaps here and there. After all, I’ve been doing this since 2003!

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