Quoted in the New York Times

I’ve just been quoted in the New York Times about my experience with cell-phone range extenders, or “femtocells.”

The reported contacted me because of a blog posting I made giving my experiences with Verizon’s range extender (which I’m still quite happy with).

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Author: Robert Plamondon

Robert Plamondon has written three books, received over 30 U.S. patents, founded several businesses, is an expert on free-range chickens, and is a semi-struggling novelist. His publishing company, Norton Creek Press, is a treasure trove of the best poultry books of the last 100 years. In addition, he holds down a day job doing technical writing at Workspot.

One thought on “Quoted in the New York Times”

  1. I love his site! Just recently found it. It has been extremely helpful for a new small-flock farm here in Maryland. I will follow your advice and continue farming long past the “year three”.

    Questions- why candle during the egg washing process? Also, does using water during the cleaning process harm the egg in any way. I have read where it does. Another myth?

    Thanks for you time. Looking forward to your newsletters and books. I need no other source of info for raising chickens.

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