Turkeys Get The Axe

It’s a busy week for Karen: Monday and Tuesday were spent butchering turkeys, Wednesday is the final farmer’s market of the year, Thursday is Thanksgiving, Friday we’re all going to Orycon.

Me, I’m putting in a normal work week for the first three days of the week, so I’ve got it relatively easy.

The weather is cooperating, at least. While we do our poultry butchering at our licensed poultry facility, which of course is indoors (two rooms attached to our big machine shed), freezing weather complicates things. It was sunny and around fifty today, so no problem there.

(While some people extol the virtues of outdoor butchering, I never liked it.)

After the market closes, the farm will drift into winter mode. We have some broilers we’ll keep for another week or so before butchering and freezing (they were too small to butcher for the market). After that we’ll be down to the egg side of things.

We were doing three farmer’s markets per week for a while there. Getting the number down to zero will be pleasant for a while.

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