Uncreaking Your Creaky Old Pets

We have a Dalmatian, Sammi, who’s getting up in years. She gets stiff and sore these days. What’s worked for her is glucosamine sulfate, which is non-toxic and available everywhere. If she gets her twice-daily dose, she’s much more agile.

It’s available in all sorts of forms, including kibbles and dog biscuits. She doesn’t like most of them very much, and we have to smear them with bacon grease or peanut butter to get her to take them. Anybody know of a brand that dogs find irresistable?

This stuff is supposed to work on humans, too, though it didn’t do a thing for my bad back. I prefer pills to dog biscuits.

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  1. I’ve been using glucosamine for a number of years & also feed it to our older pyranees.. works well for both of us. I started using it because of pain in my shoulder. I just thought I was getting older but one of my customers recommended glucosamine. I owe him big time. our pyr doesn’t seem so creaky either.we just mix it in her food(open the cap)…spence

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