Plamondon.com: Home of Robert Plamondon and All His Works!

This is the official Web site of Robert Plamondon. My poultry, farming, and rural living content is here on Plamondon.com, which has been in operation since 1997.

When we moved back to Oregon in 1995, we soon started raising free-range chickens. There was little information on free-range poultry back then, and most of it was wrong, so I embarked on a literature survey of the past 100 years, to find out what ideas and techniques worked and what didn’t. We put the more likely ones into practice, and also wrote them up here on plamondon.com.

We’re still raising grass-fed chickens, eggs, turkey, and pork on the same farm today, using the same techniques shown here. My monthly newsletter gives some news about the latest goings-on plus a to-do list appropriate to the time of year.

In addition to egg farming, I’m a writer, publisher, hypnotherapist, and engineer. I cover these interests in my other Web sites:

My Tiny Publishing Empire: NortonCreekPress.com

Norton Creek Press started as an outgrowth of both my experiences with chickens and my literature research into scientific poultrykeeping. One thing that surprised me was that, in recent decades, poultry science has pretty much left practical farmers behind and is focused on PhD-to-PhD communication. This, combined with the shift to factory farming, means that the books on poultry farming published fifty years ago are more useful than the ones published today. Sadly, these books and their essential information are out of print and forgotten. So I Norton Creek Press to bring them back.

Over the years, I’ve added additional, non-poultry lines as well.

My Hypnotherapy Practice: Hypnosis-Corvallis.com

After I used a self-hypnosis recording to overcome my insomnia, I became interested in hypnosis, and eventually took a hypnotherapy certification program, hanging out my shingle in Corvallis in 2012. I help people who want to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and so on.

Best Practices for Exempt Therapists: Unlicensed-Practitioner.com

Here in Oregon, exempt practitioners who don’t need a license are alternately persecuted and ignored, but no one considers it worth their time to actually help or even inform them in any way. So I started a Web site for that.

Technology and Writing: HighTechWriting.com

When I was a full-time contract technical writer, I started this Web site. I still post new material there sometimes.

Our Farm Products: NortonCreekFarm.com

Last but not least, I have a Web site for our farm products: grass-fed eggs, chicken, turkey, and pork.