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beth_feeding_small_barred_rock_pulletsI began writing up practical poultry tips on this website in 1997. Somebody had to!

When we moved back to Oregon in 1995, we soon started raising free-range chickens. There was little information on free-range poultry back then, and most of it was wrong. I embarked on a literature survey of the past 100 years, to find out what ideas and techniques worked and what didn’t. We put the more likely ones into practice, and also wrote them up here on┬á

Day-old Black Sex-Link chicks and an Ohio heat-lamp brooder.
Day-old Black Sex-Link chicks and an Ohio heat-lamp brooder.

We raised grass-fed chickens, eggs, turkey, and pork on the farm from 1996-2020, using the same techniques shown here. My sort-of monthly newsletter archives give some news about the what was going on and to-do lists for every month of the year.

We retired from the farming biz at the end of 2020: twenty-five years was a good, long run and we’d become distracted by other endeavors, including my fantasy adventure/romance fiction, which you should totally check out!

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Author: Robert Plamondon

Robert Plamondon has written three books, received over 30 U.S. patents, founded several businesses, is an expert on free-range chickens, and is a semi-struggling novelist. His publishing company, Norton Creek Press, is a treasure trove of the best poultry books of the last 100 years. In addition, he holds down a day job doing technical writing at Workspot.